Flot started in 2020 making simple and playful objects inspired by Korean culture. Everything is cut, assembled, and painted by hand.

The word 플롵 (peul) (lott) or 'flot' has no meaning, it just sounds nice. The studio is based in upstate New York.

- Alex (박지민)

Contact Info

Email: info@studioflot.shop IG: @studioflot

Custom Work

If you are interested in commissioning something please email the studio directly. Nearly any kind of project is possible, however don't request copies of other peoples work.

Shipping + Delivery

All shipping is fully insured. For furniture it takes about one week after your order is completed to ship. Clothing and merch ship in 1 - 2 days.

In person delivery is available in NY for large furniture orders or objects. Pick up at the studio in Athens NY is free and worked out per order. 

Care + Returns

If you treat your things nice they'll last a long time. If you treat it mean it'll last less long. Nothing is edible, don't eat it.

All furniture is considered final sale. Non furniture items are returnable only if tags are still attached and item is in good condition. Exchanges for size are worked out per order. Please email the studio.

한국말 해요? 한국사람 이야?

예, 조금지만, 나는 한국말보다 콩글리쉬 도 말해요. 우리 어모니가 부산 사람이고 아버지가 외국 사람이에요. 나 비빔사람이야 ™️ 말하면 나한테 천천히말해주새요 :)